"Juliana was beyond patient and understanding as she helped me navigate the college application and commitment process. As a first-generation student, I had no idea how to start my application, what colleges were a good fit for me, or how admissions even work. As I figured out what I wanted for my future, Juliana always made the extra effort to help me feel confident in my decisions. She helped me research different colleges and majors without trying to push me in any direction. She was also with me through every step of writing my essays for college and scholarships. Juliana helped me brainstorm ideas and create multiple drafts until I got to a point where I felt like my essays displayed my life story and passions authentically. The essays she helped me write have now earned me over $15,000 in scholarship money and admission to a school that matches my academic and social needs." 

- Andrea, UC Santa Barbara

"Juliana supported me as I was applying to graduate school and took the time to read my personal statement and provide thoughtful feedback. Her personal experience working in higher education and having been to graduate school were both immensely helpful in this process and she had the perfect eye to read my statement and make substantive suggestions, ask questions that required me to reflect, and helped me make my writing more concise. Her patience and kindness were so appreciated during this stressful application period!"

-Olivia, Harvard Graduate School of Education

     "Writing college application essays to your dream school is not easy. Especially as a first-generation student who has never really had anyone close in their circle to help guide you through the process. I was in the exact position last year as I was applying to Johns Hopkins University (my dream school) as an early decision applicant and first-generation, low-income, minority student. When I first opened the Common App, reading through so many prompts and questions was overwhelming. How was one to know the right answer when there wasn’t one? I was lucky enough to meet Juliana through a program I took part in that was near my city. Juliana was very open to my ideas and listening to me. On top of that, she was very understanding of my home situation and kind to my family. She didn’t mind meeting over Zoom to give my final drafts a last once over. She didn’t mind reading through multiple different versions of my essays and giving me honest, and helpful feedback (that wasn’t just grammar corrections).  

     But one thing I will always be grateful for, that Juliana helped me with, was helping me find meaning to my essay. When I met her, I had come with three different angles of my answer to the prompt. One of them I had been told was good enough, but I didn’t really feel that it resonated with me. That essay had to do with a certain challenge I faced in my life, but it was (to me) an awkward retelling, almost step by step, of my woes. Juliana understood me, and listened to how I felt about my essay, and instead of telling me it was “good enough” she encouraged me to write the essay that spoke about my character and not just my challenges. Juliana truly helped me see that I am more than the hurdles I’ve overcome. I am the qualities that helped me overcome them. With Juliana’s help, I was able to not only honor someone who I love dearly and taught me a great lesson that I wanted to depict but also helped me display the qualities about myself that I wanted to share with admission officers. She helped me with both prompts I needed for JHU, helping me know where I could cut things down and where I could elaborate a little more. She supported me through the college application process and even afterwards. Juliana was among the first people I told that I was accepted to Johns Hopkins as an early decision student when I found out. I will forever be grateful for her help.  


Thanks Juliana :) "

-Jason, Johns Hopkins University