About Me

About Me

Education is my passion and working directly with students to achieve their dreams is my calling. I have worked in higher education for over 5 years, most recently in admissions and student advising in the Pre-College Scholars Program at UC Berkeley. I’m a native of Evanston, IL but now live in Long Beach, CA with my husband, Andrew.

I discovered a passion for helping students navigate the college admission process during a summer internship in Uganda, when I assisted local high school students navigate the U.S. college admissions process. Since then, I’ve completed the Certificate Program in College Admissions and Career Planning at UC Berkeley Extension and I’ve helped over 20 students apply to colleges and universities both in the United States and abroad.

Students I’ve worked with have been admitted to Johns Hopkins University, UC San Diego, Chapman University, Loyola Marymount University, Loyola University of Chicago, DePaul University, UC Santa Barbara, UC Davis, UC Irvine, UCLA, UC Berkeley, Barnard College, San Jose State University, Smith College, Villanova University, Pepperdine University, San Diego State, Cal State Long Beach, and more!

My Advising Philosophy

I approach every advising session with curiosity, friendliness, and a clarity of purpose. No two students are alike so I prefer to meet my students where they are rather than implement a cookie-cutter approach to the college search and application process. I try to strike a balance between creating an action plan that is best suited to the individual student while also making sure they hit all of the necessary action items on the road to college.

Why hire an Independent College Admissions Consultant?

Working with a college admissions coach can provide significant benefits for high school students seeking to get into college. We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in navigating the complex college admissions process, which can be overwhelming and confusing for students and their families. A college admissions consultant can help students create a personalized application strategy that highlights their strengths and accomplishments and stands out in the eyes of admissions officers. Consultants can also provide guidance on choosing the right schools, crafting strong essays, and admission interview prep. They can also help provide structure and purpose to the application process for students and their familes, creating a more harmonious parent/child relationship during the senior year of high school!